Church Building Fire Damage

A Tacoma church was severely damaged by a fire that spread throughout the roof structure above the sanctuary.
Date: February 1, 2020
Project Type: Fire Damage Reconstruction
Client: Tacoma Church
Location: Tacoma, WA

Project Details

When a fire gets out of control within a building, it can cause massive damage. A Tacoma WA church suffered severe structural fire damage which required the input of an engineer. We were contacted by the property owner to assist in the restoration process.

What We Did

We arrived on site shortly after the fire to assess the structural damage to the building. We prepared detailed structural engineering repair drawings for permitting and construction. We also provided construction phase services throughout the project to ensure that the complicated connection details were implemented properly.

Modifications to the church building were made by the owner and their architect that we incorporated into our structural design. The configuration of the damaged steeple was modified and we designed the revised steeple structure and anchorage for the cross at the top.

Project Results

Repairs to the church were completed and included design revisions to improve the church building through the process. The end result is a building that is not only restored back to the condition before the fire, but also improved to be better than it was before. The church was able to resume services in a new and improved space.

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