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Pacific Engineering Technologies provides structural engineering and architectural services for the design of new buildings and homes. Our projects include commercial buildings, condominiums, marine structures, canopy features and single family homes. We can provide you with a budget for any new building projects you have.


Proper Building Code

Having an experienced engineer involved in new building construction is important. Ensure the work is done properly according to building code.

Structure Longevity

Proper construction greatly affects the longevity of the structure. Minimize cost and possibility of future repairs due to poor construction.

Efficient Construction

Our attention to detail helps your building to be constructed efficiently. This ensures the project is done right the first time.

Don't Risk Your Investment

If you are involved in a new building project, don't risk your investment without an engineer. There are so many details to consider. If the project isn't handled properly, it could cost more later.

Seattle Based Engineers

Pacific Engineering Technologies primary areas of business include: investigation and repair of damaged buildings, evaluation and design of building envelope systems, and construction defect investigations. We provide structural engineering and building envelope services to clients for commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and historic projects.

Based in Seattle, Washington, we have served our clients over the years in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii, but have also performed projects throughout the United States and Canada.

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We have an outstanding record of developing thorough and effective solutions and providing top quality services to our clients for more than 60 years. Learn more about our Company History and Meet The Team.


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