Guardrail & Deck Design

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Pacific Engineering Technologies offers design and engineering for deck and guardrail systems. Our services include planning of the new system including attachment to the existing structure. Our construction drawings can then be given to the contractor who will perform the work in accordance with our designs.


Attachment Designs

Our attachment designs secure the new system to the existing structure. This ensures a long working lifespan for the deck or guardrail system.

Effective Features

We consider strength requirements, building code, appearance, and functionality. All these features work together for an effective system.

Design Adherence

Our completed guardrail plans are submitted to the contractor. This ensures work is done in accordance with our proposed designs.

Get Peace Of Mind

A guardrail and decking system can be a major safety hazard if not designed properly. It's important to employ an experienced engineer to protect yourself and others who use the system. We offer our clients peace of mind with a design that is built to last.

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Pacific Engineering Technologies primary areas of business include: investigation and repair of damaged buildings, evaluation and design of building envelope systems, and construction defect investigations. We provide structural engineering and building envelope services to clients for commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and historic projects.

Based in Seattle, Washington, we have served our clients over the years in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii, but have also performed projects throughout the United States and Canada.

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