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Seismic design requirements have been evolving over the years in response to earthquake disasters worldwide. We specialize in designing seismic upgrades which are critical for older buildings. Our seismic upgrades and retrofit systems can reduce the damage and risk of collapse associated with earthquakes.


Evolving Requirements

As seismic design requirements evolve, it's important to stay up to date. This protects you and your wallet in case of a disaster.

Older Buildings

Older building require careful consideration as they are often not built to withstand an earthquake. We can bring them up to speed.

Significant Damage

Even a small earthquake can cause significant damage to a structure. Our seismic retrofit systems can prevent damage and complete collapse.

Get Peace Of Mind

The Pacific Northwest rests atop an active seismic fault line. It's not a matter of if we will have another earthquake but when. It's much less expensive to retrofit an existing building than it is to rebuild from the ground up.

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Pacific Engineering Technologies primary areas of business include: investigation and repair of damaged buildings, evaluation and design of building envelope systems, and construction defect investigations. We provide structural engineering and building envelope services to clients for commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and historic projects.

Based in Seattle, Washington, we have served our clients over the years in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii, but have also performed projects throughout the United States and Canada.

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